10 years ago, February 2006, the Coca-Cola company decided it was time to launch a loyalty program for its consumers called My Coke Rewards. Similar to frequent-flyer mile programs, consumers could enter codes found on caps or boxes to earn points which could, in turn, be used to redeem prizes or be used for sweepstakes entries.

Of course, there was criticism of the program for causing people to drink tons of pop just to get the codes for the points for the prizes. But, since then, that criticism has died down, and has given birth to new criticism for the new program one year ago:

It was decided that there be a Status level program added, with levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold (like medals, of course). Each time you played a YouTube video, tweeted something to Twitter, or posted something to Facebook, you'd get status points that would elevate your status and open the catalog to more rewards. The criticism here, from most loyal users such as myself, is that you have to have social media to do it. You don't. You can just read the posts or watch the videos to elevate your status.

Since then, I took advantage of the social media perks, and went from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold. Only problem is when I try to redeem certain rewards, only to find them out of stock despite the fact I have enough points for them. Then again, when certain rewards are reduced to a smaller point count needed to redeem said reward, you can figure out why it's so popular and people are just anxious to get it.

So what do you think of the program so far, and what do you think of the new program one year later? Share your two cents below. Gameshowguy2000 (talk) 17:55, March 1, 2016 (UTC)

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