Coca-Cola Wiki

Hello, and welcome to this blog post!

I am here to announce the future of the Coca-Cola wiki.

The Coca-Cola wiki's future is very possible to have a bright future within this part of the decade.

To make it clear, that I am trying to say that with Me being on this wiki, and being active on Wikia, and worked with similar wikis that I gained experience to other soda wikis. I am planning to make the Wikia Soda Community come to life here with affiliations with the other wikis I've currently owned, or will be owning.

Right now that I am planning on doing is that I am going to take a look on the Coca-Cola Wiki's pages, and begin a massive cleanup for the entire site and all of its contents, adding pages on flavors and promotions (both past and present), and categorizing them. Including featuring detailed pages on all flavors and promotions, as well as an extensive database of images.

For now, that I wanna say thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

Sincerely -Duckieboy01