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Sprite Remix is a Sprite brand of colorless non-caffeinated fruity flavor soda variants made by The Coca-Cola Company. This brand was introduced in the United States and Canada in 2002 and then the brand was discontinued in 2005 due to poor sales in both countries. The original Sprite Tropical Remix flavor received many releases in 2015, 2016, and 2017. It was made a permanent flavor later on but only in certain regions of the United States.


The Sprite Remix brand line up was introduced in 2002 in the United States and Canada. It was a lemon-lime soda brand being available in three different flavors: Sprite Tropical Mix, a tropical flavor released in 2002, Sprite Berryclear Remix, a berry flavor released on April 1st, 2004, and Sprite Aruba Jam Remix, a fruit flavor released in April 2005. Unfortunately, the Sprite Remix brand was later discontinued in 2005 due to poor sales.

A decade later, surprisingly that with no announcement, the original Sprite Tropical Mix flavor was being reintroduced in 20 oz. bottles, for a limited time, but was never associated with a limited edition label of any kind in early 2015. The name of Sprite Tropical Remix was renamed as Sprite Tropical without the Remix wording. It was also reported that Sprite Tropical Mix was released in certain regions in the United States. It was later discontinued in late 2015, presumably that this particular release of it is a limited edition or a test market release.

In early 2016, Sprite Tropical Remix was reintroduced again with the new mix wording without the Re. Supposively this particular release was a limited edition release and was released on store shelves in parts of the southeastern United States.

In late 2016/early 2017, Sprite Tropical Mix was later made a permanent flavor for the Sprite line up for the United States but only in certain regions. Unlike the previous release in 2002 which occurred in both the United States and Canada. Unlike previous re-releases which occurred in both the United States and Canada, the 2015, 2016, and 2017 re-release was exclusive to the United States.

Flavor Packs[]

Coca-Cola later released a “do-it-yourself” promotion which featured of free offerings of 1.25 oz (36.9 mL) flavor packets of Sprite Remix, that you need to rip open to pour the flavored sugar to your can of regular Sprite. Those flavors were included as Grape, Vanilla, and Cherry.

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