List of all brands (fully or partially) owned by The Coca-Cola Company:


Image Product Type Notes Ref
AdeS AdeS Drinking water
Ades Ades Soya-based drinks
Alhambra Alhambra Drinking water
80px American Soft drink
80px Ameyal Fruit sodas
80px Amita Fruit juice
80px Andina Calcio Fruit juice
80px Andina Frut Fruit juice
80px Andina Hi C Fruit juice
80px Andina Nectar Fruit juice
80px Apollinaris Sparkling mineral water
80px Appletiser Sparkling apple drink
80px Aquabona Mineral water
80px Aquactive Sports drink
80px Aquana Sports drink
80px Aquapure
80px Aquarius Sports drink
80px Aquarius Spring Bottled water
80px Aqvaris
80px Aqua Shot Flavoured water
80px Arwa Mineral water
80px Avra Bottled water
80px Aybal-Kin