The Coca-Cola Monopoly Collector's Edition is a Monopoly board game featuring the soft drink company, Coca-Cola. The main properties are instead Coca-Cola's merchandise and collectibles. The pewter tokens have also been customized to match the theme. And the hotels and houses are now vending machines and six-packs. The game is no longer manufactured.

Changed Pieces[edit | edit source]

Houses and Hotels[edit | edit source]

The 32 houses have been changed to six-packs and all 12 hotels have been customized to vending machines.

Railroad Stations[edit | edit source]

There are no railways but instead a random guy on the street is shown.

Chance and Community Chest cards[edit | edit source]

The Chance cards have been changed to the Coca-Cola Polar Bear with a red background. The Community Chest cards have got the Coca-Cola Santa on them with a white background.

Pewter Tokens[edit | edit source]

The pewter tokens are:

  • A bottle cap
  • A delivery truck
  • A Contour Glass
  • A fountain dispenser
  • A Coca-Cola Polar Bear
  • An Original Hutchinson Bottle
  • A Contour Bottle
  • A Coca-Cola Santa

Other[edit | edit source]

The Dice have also been customized. One is red and one is white and they both now have the Coca-Cola logo on them.

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