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Asa Griggs Candler

Born December 30, 1851
Died March 12, 1929
Nationality United States
Spouse Lucy Elizabeth
Children Charles Howard Candler, Asa G. Candler Jr., Walter T. Candler, Lucy Beall Candler Owens Heinz Leide
Parents Samuel and Martha Candler

Asa Griggs Candler (December 30, 1851 – March 12, 1929) was an American business tycoon who made his fortune selling Coca-Cola.

Early Life and Career[]

Candler was born in Rome, Georgia. He started his business career as a drugstore owner and manufacturer of patent medicines. In 1887 he bought the formula for Coca-Cola from its inventor, John Pemberton, and several other shareholders for $2,300. The success of Coca-Cola was largely due to Candler's aggressive marketing of the product. Candler made millions of dollars from his investment, allowing him to establish the Central Bank and Trust Corp., invest in real estate, and became a major philanthropist for the Methodist Church.