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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/12/2013

Sorry for my inactivity

Hi everyone. If you haven't noticed, I have been extremely inactive. This is because I have lost a lot of interest in this area of wiki-ing. I do actually mean to continue editing, it will just take a while. As you all know lots of the pages have broken templates with no info. I will soon be fixing this. After I do, I will be very in-active on here and I will mostly be doing spam removal. If anyone at all would like to contact me, then leave a message on my talk page. :Ghhghgh (☎) 03:52, April 12, 2013 (UTC)
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• 2/9/2013

Why did bibo discontinue?

I still don't get WHY it discontinued? O,o i used to LOOOVE this drink X(
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• 1/3/2013

5 alive juice

where can i purchase in san antonio, tx?
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• 1/2/2013

New Poll

Just reminding you all that there's a new main page poll!
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• 12/30/2012

Coke Memoribilia

This was originally posted by an anonymous contributor but moved to the forums. The contributor was

I have an extensive collection of coke memorabilia. It includes a 1930's coke machine that holds 6 ounce bottles--and it works. On the outside, it announces the cost as 5 cents a bottle. To obtain one, you must twist a chrome handle on the top that exposes a small metal container that holds the cold bottle. I have the original metal "plates" that have pictures of young, nubile girls from the Roaring Twenties on them, in full color, wearing gashions of the period. I have a 36 inch tall thermometer shaped like a coke bottle with a thermometer that still works. I have all the cokes bottles produced since the 1980's that are made at Xmas and have pictures of Santa painted by famous artists on them. I have all coke bottles from famous football games like Nebraska v. Okklahoma, 1971, "The Game of the Century," SuperBowl bottles from 1970 thru the present; bottles from Olympics such as the 1996 Atlanta site; and 6 ounce bottles from 1920 thru the present. Many of these have where they were made, including Tulsa, OK; New Orleans, LA; Amarillo, TX; Tahita, French Polynesia; Tortola, The British Virgin Islands,; Kilkenny, Ireland; Sacremento, CA; and many others. Many of these bottles still have the coca-cola in them. I have a Depart. 56 Coca-Cola Bottling Plant as well as the Delivery Truck and figurines delivering the bottles. You nameit--I probably have it. Many are for sale. If interested, feel free to write me at I will respond and include a picture if the item that interests you. I am also interested in collecting things I do not have, so feel free to contact me if you have something to sell. I drink about six bottles a day but still weigh only 150 pounds and can bench press 250 like I could when I was a swimmer in high school. Thanks for reading.
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• 12/18/2012


Hey everyone! First post on the Announcements board here, and I want to talk about something to due with categories. In my earlier months of editing at Wikia, I thought that adding a lot of categories to pages was better, since people could search for them and find them easier. But now that I have matured I see that this actually is bad. Adding the same category in different variations are not helpful at all. So I want to ask all editors to go around the wiki and delete all categories from pages that are like this: CocaCola, Cocacola, Coca-cola, and any categories that have the same name as the page it's on, unless it has variants that are linked to the page. Thanks for your time!
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